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NFL Pick’em Pools

All football pools are FREE for the 2019 NFL season!
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Your classic office football pool with all the excitement and none of the work.

NFL Pick'em Pools

How to Play NFL Pick’em

NFL Pick’em is arguably the most popular and commonly played football pool, and is extremely easy to learn how to play. Each week, players compete by selecting one team from each matchup that they believe will win. At the end of the week, the player with the most correct picks is crowned champion! You can also extend your pool to crown winners at the end of the season, however the general principles are the same. There are a number of variations you can introduce into your pool to make NFL Pick’em more challenging and fun and we offer them all here on Betmo Games.

Against the Spread

Confidence Scoring

Multiple Tiebreakers

Flexible Deadlines

Sample Results Page

Weekly results are displayed in a grid layout similar to your traditional pen-and-paper office pools, making it simple to view everyone’s picks. Drop-down menus make it easy to select which year and week you want to display results for, and we’ve even included an easy-print button for those old school players who still prefer to have a paper with them on Sundays to track their results. Pick results are updated every 15 minutes and pool winners are automatically calculated at the end of each week. Put simply, we take care of all the tedious administration work so you can focus on what matters most – your picks!

NFL Pickem Results

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Tired of filling out your picks with pen and paper?

In addition to making life easier, these are just a few of the benefits of running your NFL Pick’em pool on Betmo Games:

Fully Automated

We handle the work of running your pool

Mobile Optimized

Designed so you can make picks on the go

Private Pools

Create pools just for friends and family

Unlimited Players

Invite as many players as you like

Customize Settings

Tons of options to fit your exact needs

Message Boards

Talk trash or post important pool updates

Pool History

Results are stored from previous years

Printable Results

In case you want to view and track offline

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Affordable pricing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

All football pools are FREE for the 2019 NFL season!
Create your pool now!

Unlike other sites who charge variable fees for each person in your pool, we’ve come up with an affordable solution that allows you to manage your NFL Pick’em pool at a fraction of the cost.



Regular Season:$29*
*10% discount applied if purchased together


Regular Season:$89*
*10% discount applied if purchased together


Regular Season:$199*
*10% discount applied if purchased together

Unsure of how many players you’ll have? Don’t sweat it, go small at first and you can always upgrade to a higher tier at any time!

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